I couldn’t have picked a worse time to write this, seeing as how I reach out to my readers on social media is now hampered by the infamous OTT tax. It’s ironic how OTT stands for Over The Top, as though in was a silent pun dished out by the telecom companies towards the government in a futile attempt at resistance. But I won’t dwell on that.

I must admit, I was quite skeptical about how this would all be implemented following the official announcement in Parliament a few months back. Now that it’s come to pass the usual row we’ve come to expect from the public will continue for a few days before the public comes to terms with this reality and pays the tax. To be honest, if one can afford to access social media on a daily basis, the cheapest and most popular option being the Social bundles, (which have been discontinued following the implementation of the OTT Tax) then paying up should be no sweat.

Like always, the won’t be trending for long.

The people’s distress, or mine at least, is that the vast amounts of revenue that the OTT tax will provide the state will almost certainly be embezzled by certain individuals instead of being put to good use in the many ailing institutions and economic sectors of this country. Corruption; a sad truth that large parts of the public has come to accept. The public can do little more that rant their distaste on twitter only for a few days before they sink back into submission.

I’ll conclude by saying that as Ugandans we ought to demand more of our leadership. In this case, more comprehensive accountability for taxes collected in general, evidenced by visible efforts to better the country’s predicaments across the spectrum. The public sits back and prays for a better Uganda but as individuals we are unwilling to do more except post funny memes on social media while the hashtag trends, only the move on like nothing’s happening. How then can we develop as a democracy?


9 thoughts on “OTT TAX; WHY ARE WE ANGRY?

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    1. Very few people are really bypassing this right now.Out of the 18 million internet users in Uganda,how many do you think are bypassing it?The tax is definitely hear to stay


  1. Preach brother preach
    This government is taking advantage of us Ugandans to feed their pockets
    Even with all these taxes nothing in our economy is going to change
    And you should write a blog on the increased taxes on mobile money 😡
    Am so filled with anger

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