It’s that time of year once again when an awesome four-day weekend, way of the cross and colorfully decorated eggs and bunnies mark the celebratory holiday of Easter. It’s another great opportunity to come together and relish in the feel-good vibe of spiritual nourishment. I personally appreciate Easter because it’s like a mini-Christmas for me, in the sense that it usually has the gravity to pull my work-swamped, busy scheduled family together for some quality time with each other.

Pop culture and obsessive ad strategies for businesses, as well as timing have Easter hugely overshadowed by Christmas. But in retrospect, Easter is actually the most important Sunday on the Church’s calendar all year.

From a spiritual perspective, the Christian belief in Jesus’ divinity is rooted in the moment of his resurrection, and therefore it represents potential for rebirth, salvation and renewal of faith. So, without being said, it’s a pretty serious holiday in which you should engage in personal reflection and renewal. But hey, no pressure!

jesus-christ-good-shepherd-religion-161289 - Copy
Jesus Christ

From as early as the 13th Century to date Easter has been associated with the now familiar symbols of Easter bunnies and eggs. Though you won’t find anything written about these in the Bible, they have become a huge part of the Easter festivities worldwide. One explanation for the custom of decorating eggs in that they were formerly forbidden during the Lenten season, so people would paint and decorate them to eat them on Easter as celebration. Fast forward to today and more popularly in the United States for example, the annual White House Easter Egg Roll in which children push decorated, hard- boiled eggs across the white house lawn on Easter Monday, has been in place from as early as 1878.

holiday-hands-girl-painting - Copy
No intricacy is spared on Easter eggs!

Well, I won’t bore you with any other in-depth historical analyses about Easter. But I do wish to remind you to, in the haze of family get togethers and those juicy online market offers that you’ve all been waiting for, remember to keep up the spirit of sharing and community. Don’t be shy to help out a stranger in need to grant him a memorable Easter, no matter how minuscule your aid. And about all, stay safe, keep a cool head and don’t party too wild so you can sail swiftly back into next week!




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  1. Ludger on things… It’s really interesting to read such beautiful pieces from someone with whom I shared not only a dormitory but also a literature class that has shaped him. Keep on being budonian


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