Memes & Emojis; An appreciation of this awesome art!

If I had a dollar for every one of you that just texted or received an emoji, or read a meme before I managed to drag your attention hear to my blog, I’d probably muster enough money to go get me that awesome new Google Pixel phone! These two media forms have taken the world by storm in this era of instant connectivity accompanied with the need for less textual and more audio-visual content; and so I’m here to just air out a big THANK YOU to this art.

Tech blogger John Ivan Kisekka (Techjaja) refers to emojis as “the first global omni-language” and also as a return to a more rudimentary form of communication as they are similar to pictographs used by cavemen.

Can you tell what was being depicted here?

Today emojis are used so diversely to express a multitude of emotions. You could send someone one little smiley-face to express what you would have said in an entire sentence. And it doesn’t matter where you are from or whether you speak English, French , Afrikaans or Mandarin; everybody gets the memo!

You could send this emoji to mean, well, alot of things!

Emojis have gotten so big that people are even getting them personalized now! Snapchatters are familiar with the clever “bitmojis” and tech giants Apple and Samsung are now pushing the idea of “animojis”(image rendered emojis that look exactly like you) in their latest flagship phones.

The new AR emoji from Samsung
Animoji from Apple

Memes on the other hand are a little more complex. Same idea – visual communication – but different method. You probably already know what a meme is, but basically most of the time it’s a picture of an given scenario with an often sarcastic caption at the top or bottom of the image. But just like emojis, memes are so powerful and effective in portraying anything and everything that you have on your mind. Memes are most widely used to express humour and everyday at least one of the memes I come across gives me a good laugh!

Get it?๐Ÿ˜‚

But they can be used to broach any subject. Some people have even made the practice of putting out good memes into a profitable business. Here is a list of sites you can your memes fresh and relevant.

An equally popular manifestation of memes is the Generated Image File(GIF) which, honestly, is simply amazing!

So there you have it! A lot of you probably don’t sit back every once in a while and appreciate the awesome things happening around us in this day and age, but if you do, with this like Memes and Emojis, you’ll agree with that this really is a great time to be alive!๐Ÿ˜‰


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